AnimoTime is the best source to watch and download anime for free. However, if you couldn’t find something on our website, here are some of the other options to search:

 1- Kissanime

This website could probably be considered the most established anime site. It features almost every title of anime you can ever stream. Series, OVAs, Specials, Extras, and Movies, you name it. The community in this site. It has one of the most active communities ever.

The only downside is that it has a lack of care for its design, but the color scheme kind of works. The site has a section for Latest Update, New and Hot, Recent Additions, and Most Popular. What I personally like about this site is its ranking of anime titles.

Most of the time they’re very reliable, so whenever I’m looking for the best anime titles for the season, I go here and look at their rankings for New and Hot.

The video player is also very slick and quick. The ads can be hidden very easily. Overall, the site is really established, it has minimal amount of ads, and the UI is simple but not that beautiful. I do think its community and its reliability is what made it earn its spot here.


2- Gogoanime

This website has been around for a pretty long time. The gold and gray color scheme is clean and such an eye-candy. The use of those little anime icons around the sites are great for the anime theme, they’re also not very distracting at all. The site also looks like one of WordPress’s layouts, however, it’s also very conscious of their design elements and responsiveness.

The menu buttons are self-explanatory and the search bar is also really responsive. As you search, the anime title’s pictures are also present which really helps you navigate a lot faster.

It shows the latest episode of the current anime title. It has the essential sections like Recent Release, Genres, Popular, and Ongoing. The ads on the site aren’t very distracting at all. In fact, the ads are very minimal in use and doesn’t destroy the current design elements. It also has multiple video players in case one player doesn’t work for you.

It also seems to have a very active community with its Disqus section. Overall, the site is really easy to navigate around.

Overall, It has a really clean and well thought out design structure, an active community, and takes care of their viewer’s user experience. It’s the type of site I want to go back to every time because of the active community and the feeling-at-home kind of experience with the way the site was structured to be.

GOGOAnime beats 9Anime because of its easy to navigate interface and clean minimal use of ads.


Animeyt –

This website is basically a spanish anime streaming website

This website is a pretty new player around the scene and has not been disappointing at all. It provides one of the best user experiences for a free anime streaming site. The UI is so clean and you can tell it took a whole lot of planning to create and develop a website to look this good.

It has a section for Latest, Ongoing, Popular, Recently Added, and a new one called Staff Picks which is self-explanatory. The font they chose for the site’s design fits very well, easy to read, and clean.

It’s simplistic but it’s also very professional for a free anime streaming site. It’s fairly new and not very known but it’ll definitely blow up as one of the best anime streaming sites in the near future.

It has a Disqus section, but not a very active community because it’s not well known.

The video player is YouTube’s video player but the buttons around it are very professional and simplistic. The site is also very responsive and seems to have a dynamic UI design.

Some anime titles aren’t present in this website but since they’re fairly new, it should only be fair.

Overall, It’s very easy to navigate, professional, and this could have been the best free anime streaming site, my only issue is that it doesn’t have an active community to keep like-minded otakus together but it’ll definitely get them in the near future.

AnimeFrost beats AnimeLab simply because AnimeFrost offers its service to more geographical locations.